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Protect your home from Burglary

Whether you live in a rural or urban setting, every home in every neighborhood is a target for burglary. Most homes contain valuables that are very attractive to burglars: televisions, stereos, cash and computers. Justice Department statistics say that an average family has a one-in-four chance of being the victim of a serious burglary crime each year. Even worse, burglary is often compounded by violence.

ADT has over 100 years of experience protecting families like yours from burglary. That's why it's a good idea to make sure you're well protected by installing a modern, efficient alarm system, which will give you the extra security you need.

When you choose ADT as the security provider for your home, you're partnering with the largest and most innovative security company in the world, helping protect your family from burglary and other home hazards.

ADT has been bringing safety to homes since 1874. From the call boxes of the early 1900's to the interactive video surveillance of today, ADT has always been recognized as a leader in electronic security innovation and technology.

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Burglary Facts

While most people have a rather hollywood look on how burglary is, in reality, burglary is usually commited by young men, usually in their teens and in broad daylight, in quick in-and-out incursions to houses who have lower safety measures installed or have left a window open. It's a good idea to keep a watch out specially when you are at home, in the backyard, while having left front doors or windows open, which provides a perfect opportunity for burglary attempts.

Safety of your home is in your hands. Check out our tips to better protect your home, and our incredible alarm system offer.

Burglary is down according to a 2006 study by Statistics Canada that states that the national burglary rate has hit its lowest point in over 25 years. This is good news. The drop in crime is mainly due to declines in burglary break-ins, thefts under $5,000.00 and counterfeiting. Let's keep up the good work by making sure the safety of our houses is at an all-time high!

Home Burglary Invasion Safety Tips

Secure Your Home and Your Surroundings: This includes reinforcing your doors and doorframes and using deadbolts and sliding door locks. Keep windows visible from the street and consider the use of bars (ensuring a fire escape route is still possible) and devices such as security film which reinforces the glass. Have a well-lit exterior and ensure that the lights are not accessible and will not be tampered with. Consider the use of alarms and identifying valuable property with identification (e.g. engraving). Do not keep large amounts of money in your home and keep valuables in a safety deposit box. Also, you may consider having a “decoy” jewellery box with inexpensive yet valuable-looking pieces of jewelry. It may deter a ransacking of your home.

Do not Allow Strangers in your Home: Since this is one of the preferred methods of forceful entry (the other is through the garage) be vigilant and trust your instincts. You will need a good observation point where you can see people outside of your door. You may observe them for a few minutes to determine what their motives are. You may also want to use an intercom system to talk through a closed door. DO NOT open the door to people you do not know, no matter how well-dressed they are or how kind they appear to be. If they claim to be representing a company (such as an electric or telephone company), call and confirm with the company before allowing them into your home. Any reputable representative will understand your precautions and should have the phone number readily available for you to call and verify.

Know your Community: Have a good sense of your surroundings including your neighbours habits and vehicles. Consider joining a Neighbourhood Watch program. Suspicious people or activities may be of interest to the police, so write down information that may be useful (description of suspicious vehicles or strangers, phone numbers identified as calls to your home that hang up, etc.).

Don’t Hesitate to Call 9-1-1: There are numerous deceptions that can be used to have you unlock or open your door. Remember, if a stranger at your door needs assistance and asks to use your phone; offer to dial and call for them. If they claim that damage has been done to your parked car or that they need your signature, trust your instincts and play it safe. You do not have to and should not open your door to anyone, not even the police, until you have sufficient proof that they are who they say they are. If you are unsure, call 911. Stay calm and stay on the line. Give all the information requested and if you are unable to speak, a police unit will respond to your home.

Other Tips: The weakest link in home security is the occupant that fails to lock up and opens the home to strangers. The best defense against home invasion is education, planning and exercising good judgment. Practice role-playing different scenarios at the front door to feel entirely comfortable while making someone wait on the other side of the closed door. Get help from your family or friends to rehearse polite, yet firm responses to all types of potentially threatening situations. You may even want to deter home invasions by creating the illusion of others living with you. You may choose to put a pair of large boots out at the front door or a dog toy or drinking bowl. Finally, you do not want to be predictable. Vary your outings such as shopping or walks around the block.

If you Become a Victim: If the unfortunate circumstance of becoming a victim presents itself, remember to stay calm and do not fight back. Cooperate with the suspects because no amount of cash is worth getting hurt over. Take time to observe the description of the suspects: look, smell and listen to pick up on any identifying features. The Bulletin: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics claims that 68 percent of home invasion crimes are committed by strangers. (A further 21 percent were casual acquaintances of the victim and the remaining 11 percent were family, friends and business relationships.)

Information from the Canada Safety Council.

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